The Benefits of a Qualifying Residents’ Association (QRA)

Many residential parks have residents’ associations, some are fairly informal with no structure, rules or elected officers, and they may or may not have over 50% of the homes in their membership; these associations often have an informal relationship with the park owner, which can be beneficial and often organise community events and outings for the benefit of their members.

A QRA is a more formal structure; it will have rules and elected officers and must represent more than 50% of the homes in the park. There are perhaps two additional benefits to having a QRA in your park.

Firstly the park owner is obliged to consult the QRA about all matters which relate to the operation and management of, improvements to, or any proposed change of use of, the protected site and may affect the occupiers either directly or indirectly. And secondly, it can be a very effective way to have one voice in the park for park home residents.

Here at Paul Baker Insurance Services, we are very supportive of residents’ associations, both local ones and national ones, such as IPHAS and NAPHR. We believe that in the main, they are a positive and for that reason we offer a 15% park home insurance discount for residents who are members of either a local or national associations whether it is a qualifying association or not.

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