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Park Home Residents Associations

A well run residents association provides a vital conduit between the site manager and residents and if the relationship works well, then any issues on the park can be resolved quickly and in an amicable fashion.

To have the suitable authority, the association should be qualified, which means that certain criteria has to be met. It the association is qualified, the owners have to engage with the association. If the association is not qualified, then the owner is not obliged to respond to issues that are presented to him.

For an association to be qualified, there should be:

  • All residents should be represented and not just a chosen few.
  • The owners or any of their staff or family shouldn’t have any links to the QRA.
  • Membership is open to all occupiers who own a home on the site.
  • The 50% membership criteria must be with reference to the total number of homes on the park, not the total number of eligible members.
  • The site owner must acknowledge the formation of the QRA, and if he doesn’t, then he can be taken to a First-tier Property Tribunal.

Further information and qualifying criteria can be found in our guide to QRA’s. If you would like a copy, then please contact

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This article was created in collaboration with IPHAS. The Independent Park Home Advisory Service is a voluntary organisation that helps Park homeowners or buyers with memberships with advice and support. To find out more, click here:

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