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Considering Thermal Insulation or Cladding?

Thermal insulation or cladding is a type of material that is used to insulate all types of properties, but it has become particularly popular with park homes in recent years. This is due in part due to the availability of grants but also because it really can reduce your heating bills which go up and up every year. It is also the case that some types of cladding can improve the look of your home too. As well as adding cladding to the exterior of the home and underfloor thermal insulation can also be effective in keeping the home nice and snug.

It is really important to do your research before embarking on this type of improvement; beware of rogue traders, particularly cold callers and those wanting to be paid in cash. Sadly many people still get conned. So speak to your neighbours, research the company, ask for examples of their work, check testimonials and consider using dedicated trade organisations such as Check-a-Trade or Trust-a-Trader.

It is critical that any existing cladding or wall panels are in good order before the new cladding is applied. Any moisture or dampness in the existing structures will simply be trapped by the new cladding, which will cause real problems going forward; such damage is unlikely to be covered by your insurance which specifically excludes gradually operating causes like rot and faulty workmanship. You should also ensure that vents are not blocked or covered up as this could lead to problems of condensation, something which again is not covered by insurance.

Top Tips when Making your Decision

Use a recommended contractor or a trade organisation such as or but be aware their tradesmen may not be conversant with park homes. Don’t be taken in by glossy adverts or web site or fliers through your door which often just have a mobile phone number on them.

Get two or even three quotes, this is an expensive project, and the work should last a lifetime if properly done. You must get a written guarantee for the work, which sadly could not be worth the paper it’s printed on if you chose a cowboy for your Thermal Insulation.

Check out what grants may be available; your Local Authority may be a good starting point or one of the park home magazines such as Park Home News or Park Home & Holiday Caravan Magazine.

Check with your park owner or manager to see if you need permission for the work to be carried out; there may be implications on the regulatory spacing between the homes. However, park owners should be supportive of residents investing in their homes.

And finally, GOOD LUCK, done properly, this type of work will add value to your home, reduce your energy bills and give your home a new lease of life.

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