Advice: Park Home Mainenance

  1. Repaint Regularly – Manufacturers generally recommend that the home is repainted two years after purchase as new and every three years thereafter. Remember, though, that due to the construction of park homes, you should use a specialist paint which flexes with the movement of the homes, which does not apply to bricks and mortar properties. We would suggest purchasing your paint from Resitex on 01226 242322 –
  2. Check the Gutters – You should also regularly check that your gutters and downpipes are clear, particularly if your home is sited in a wooded park, as many are. Blocked downpipes and gutters can lead to water overflowing and penetrating the home through the fascia boards or small cracks in the textured finish.
  3. Check the Seals – Make sure that the window and door seals are watertight and reseal them if necessary. Leaks arising from the failure of seams and seals will not be covered by insurance.
  4. Check the Roof – Suppose you have a pitched tile or tile effect metal roof; check that there are no loose or broken tiles which could lead to serious water ingress damage. And if you have a flat roof, this must be checked regularly for signs of cracking and wear and tear and have maintenance if necessary.
  5. Check the Underside – It is very important to check the underside of your home from time to time; the chassis and jacks effectively support the home; rusted or broken jacks or a rusted chassis can become a serious problem meaning that the home is inadequately supported. This can lead to the home becoming unstable. We recommend that if you have concerns or if you own an older home (more than 10 years old), you should engage a specialist like Park Home Chassis Services to do a survey – call 0118 984 3107 or visit
  6. Be careful of Salt – if you live near to the sea – lucky you – remember that salt can play havoc with your metal chassis and jacks as it oxidises metal much faster, causing premature rust and corrosion. If you live within 5 miles of the sea, you should consider more regular inspections. Salt will, of course, have a detrimental impact too upon your timber fascias, skirtings and paintwork so washing down from time to time is probably a good idea.
  7. Check for Leaks – Look out for leaking taps, sanitary fittings and washing machines; remember your home is built with a lot of wood and whilst this will no doubt be water-resistant to an extent, water and wood don’t mix well!
  8. Steps and ramps – Most homes will have external steps and ramps; check these from time to time for stability; you are responsible for the safety of visitors to your home, and whilst you will have liability insurance, the last thing you want is someone being injured because the bannister is loose or the steps are rotten or dangerous.
  9. The Base – whilst you do not own the base, and it is not your responsibility, is very important needless to say! When checking the underside of your home, check the base, too, looking for cracks or failures in the concrete and report them straight away to the site manager/owner.

A lot of maintenance issues are common sense, but it pays to check your home regularly; small amounts spent from time to time are far more preferable than paying for extensive repairs if problems are not nipped in the bud. And if you cannot check your home yourself, please ask a friendly neighbour or relative to do so for you; good maintenance is time and money well spent.

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