How to keep your Park Home Secure

Whilst incidents of criminal activity in residential parks are fortunately rare, we are all spending a lot more time at home now, and some of us are looking for things to do to occupy our time. One activity could be to make some home improvements if you can do without breaking lockdown rules. Making sure your park home is secure is one improvement that will certainly give you peace of mind. Here are our five ways to make your park home more secure:

  • Fit a Burglar Alarm – These can be ordered online and delivered to your front door. A basic one is simple to install and will give you peace of mind that others will be alerted if your home is broken into.
  • Fit a Camera Doorbell – More homes around the country are now installing camera doorbells. These are linked to your phone, so you can see who is at your front door, whether you are in or out. Many also allow you to save the videos and send them to other people or even the police. There are a variety of providers, including Ring, Google Nest and SimpliSafe.
  • Lockdown your Wi-Fi network – If your park home is in a park where the homes are close by, then it might be worth securing your Wi-Fi connection. This is so others cannot use your network and use up your Wi-Fi allowance. You can do this by logging onto your Wi-Fi admin area (details are usually found on the back of your router) and changing the password to secure your network.
  • Add Window Locks – There are a wide variety of window locks that fit onto most types of park home windows. By locking your windows, burglars would have to break your window and most likely will cause an alarm.
  • Reinforce your Front Doors – It is always worth reinforcing your front door if has only one lock. A second lock on top of your deadlock will make gaining unauthorized entry into your park home very difficult and could even deter intruders from gaining access at all.

When you are looking to insure your park home, insurance brokers will be taking into account previous claims experience, so reducing the likelihood of a claim for theft or malicious damage makes good sense, protects your valued and treasured possessions and gives you peace of mind too!

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