Advice: Refurbished Park Homes

An increasing number of older park homes are being refurbished. The results can be amazing, literally transforming a tired and dated property into the equivalent of a brand new home. Quite honestly, it can often be very difficult, if not impossible, to tell the original age of the property due to the exceptionally high standards of materials and workmanship involved.

The extent of the work can vary considerably; in some cases, the home is completely rebuilt from the chassis upwards, the chassis being the only remaining piece of the original home; more typically, doors and windows are replaced, and the home is re-textured or cladded, the electrics and plumbing are replaced and a new bathroom and kitchen installed. Park Homes, or Mobile Homes as they used to be called, were built to last perhaps 40 years provided they were well maintained and cared for; that life expectancy is now being extended by that much again.

As with all building work, it pays to do your research, to use a contractor proven track record who understands the unique construction of a park home, if possible go and see some examples of their work, speak to the owners, and ensure you get a proper survey and estimate. A guarantee which is worth the paper it is written. It is worth pointing out that your park home insurance policy will not cover the cost of repairs required due to poor workmanship or the cost of replacing faulty parts.

It can be quite difficult to obtain insurance on older homes and homes which are undergoing refurbishment or which have been refurbished. Paul Baker Insurance Services (PBIS) can consider these types of risks typically cover will exclude any damage or liability arising from the activities of the contractor hence it is important to check your chosen contractor has the necessary public liability cover in place and there is likely to be a requirement that the property remains watertight throughout. Other exclusions may apply depending upon the extent of the work involved.

Some useful contacts if you are considering a refurbishment are as follows:

Paul Baker Insurance Services

For insurance of older and refurbished park homes.

Park Home Insurance – 0800 0385 084 – Request a quote

Blue Chip Park Homes

They will undertake a full structural survey prior to work taking place, they will also re-inspect the home free of charge after the work has been completed.

www.bluechipparkhomes.co.uk – 01327 844686

Park Home Chassis Services

Don’t forget the chassis and jacks – Park Home Chassis Services will undertake a survey and carry out a refurbishment.

www.parkhomechassis.co.uk – 0333 456 3056

Park Home Specialists

A family-run park home refurbisher.

www.pcs-parkhomes.co.uk – 01202 267600

Carl Bowles Park Services

An experienced park home refurbisher.

www.carlbowlesphhs.co.uk – 01269 824313

Rapide Park Home Refurbishments

Offer full park home refurbishments.

www.parkhomerefurbishment.co.uk  –  01889 882275

Superior Home Developments

A specialist park home refurbishment company.

www.park-home-refurbishments.co.uk – 0800 862 0081

Prestige Developments

Quality refurbishments since 1991.

www.prestigedevelopments.com – 01933 443607

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