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Explained: British Standard 3632 for Park Homes

British Standard 3632 is the standard to which residential park homes are built; homes built to this standard are considered to be suitable to be used as a permanent residence and occupied all year round. Some holiday lodges are also built to this superior specification meaning that they too can be used as a main residence, subject of course to the site licence conditions.

The standard was upgraded in 2015 to encompass improved energy efficiency, homes built to this specification (BS3632:2015) will benefit from improved insulation to the roof, floors and walls and improved door and window insulation standards, ensuring the home retains heat better and is economical to run. Park Homes built to this standard are more likely to be insurable, so look at the specification and age of the Park Home before purchasing.

Other benefits of the revised standard include low energy lighting, better ventilation, wall construction that improves sound reduction, increased space for cookers and fridges and improvements to advice and warning notices.

All manufacturers who are members of the National Caravan Council participate in a Self Certification Scheme to ensure conformity with the British Standard in every home they build.

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